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Why You Need to Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter

As clothing and linens move around in your dryer, some fibers can break away and form lint. Luckily, dryers have a handy feature called a lint filter that collects these tiny particles, so you can easily remove them after each cycle. Remembering this task can keep your home safe and energy efficient and may even reduce the need for emergency appliance repair or premature replacement. Here’s an in-depth look at the importance of cleaning your dryer’s lint filter. 

3 Reasons to Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter After Each Cycle

1. Maintain Energy Efficiency

When the lint filter is clogged, there isn’t as much room for air to flow into the appliance to dry your clothes. This forces the dryer to work harder and often means adding extra cycles. Cleaning the filter allows you to save time and only run your dryer when necessary, saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. 

2. Prolong Your Dryer’s Lifespan

Those extra drying cycles can also strain your dryer’s components. Dryers often last for about ten years, but this can vary widely based on how often each machine is used. Those who run many extra cycles due to a clogged filter are likely to experience extra wear and tear. 

3. Improve Safety

Lint is a flammable material, and dryers can produce lots of heat. Cleaning the filter after each use reduces the amount of lint kept near your dryer, thus reducing your home’s fire risk. Even with regular cleaning, small amounts of lint can collect in your dryer vent and the filter, so have that cleaned professionally about once a year.