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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

Your home heating equipment is essential for comfort and safety during winter. However, when the residence is closed to retain warm air, toxins, and irritants build up in the environment. Consequently, indoor air quality is affected, but installing an additional device can keep the home healthy and free from contaminants. Here are a few appliances to make for a more pleasant winter season.

4 Ways to Enhance Indoor Air Quality in Winter

1. UV Light Filter

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a highly effective method of removing contaminants from HVAC systems. It penetrates deep into germ, bacteria, and microorganism cells to cause substantial damage, preventing them from reproducing and shortening their life span. As a result, fewer airborne contaminants will float through your home, which reduces bouts of sickness and allergy outbreaks. 

2. Humidifier

home heating

Lack of moisture in the air caused by your home heating system can create an unpleasant environment. For instance, dryness can make your skin itchy and rough and cause your hair to feel more brittle. 

Fortunately, a humidifier will address this problem. It infuses enough moisture into the air to ensure you and your family remain comfortable. 


3. iWave® Air Purifier 

An iWave® air purifier is used in conjunction with an HVAC system, utilizing ions to reduce the levels of bacteria and viruses in the home. When it comes to allergens like dust, ionization causes particles to cling together. Therefore, this filter system can effectively catch them. Ionization also helps avoid foul odors, ideal for homes with furry family members. 

4. Whole-House Media Filter

A media filter traps airborne contaminants in a home heating device before they can disperse via air vents. It's situated in air ducts, which is how warmed and cooled air gets distributed throughout the house. The filter material must be replaced regularly to remain efficient, but most models are effective for up to 10-12 months.