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5 Signs Your Furnace Filter Should Be Replaced

The furnace filter keeps dust and debris out of the home’s heating system. Over time, it becomes clogged and impacts the appliance’s performance. To reduce the need for furnace repairs and keep the system working at optimum efficiency, watch for the following signs that it’s time to replace the filter. 

How to Tell if Your Furnace Filter Needs Replacing 

1. Visible Buildup

Most furnace filters will need replacing after every 90 days. However, the frequency will vary depending on particular factors, such as how much you run your furnace and whether you have pets. For this reason, check the filter for the visible buildup of dust, dirt, and other particles. Replace it immediately if it appears clogged.

2. Longer Cycling 

When a furnace operates below peak efficiency, it must work harder to generate and circulate warm air. This means the unit will run more than it previously did. Replacing the filter could be a simple solution to help it become more efficient again. If the problem persists, however, there could be other mechanical issues warranting professional furnace repair.

3. Increased Dust

furnace repair

The filter keeps particles out of the furnace, but they can still pass through once it’s clogged. As a result, the interior environment can become dustier than usual since the appliance circulates air through the home. Increased contaminants can aggravate people with asthma and allergies, so change your filter quickly if this issue arises.


4. Higher Heating Bills

Any time a furnace operates below efficiency, it will require more fuel. While it’s normal to see slight increases in utility bill expenses due to more frequent use during cooler weather, be mindful of any sudden spikes. This could indicate a clogged filter or another issue that could require furnace repairs. 

5. Burning Smell

A furnace can produce a burning odor if it’s overheating. This problem can occur when the system struggles to move air through a clogged filter. This concerning smell always demands immediate attention to prevent serious damage. If the filter isn’t the root cause, it could be due to an issue with the blower motor instead, which requires professional emergency services.