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3 Oven Maintenance Tips

Many people use their ovens to prepare food weekly or daily. This handy contraption is convenient for modern-day cooking but also requires care and attention to keep it operating correctly. Follow the advice below to keep up with appliance maintenance and ensure your oven works long-term.

How to Keep Your Oven Clean and Operable

1. Don't Forget The Racks

Most ovens have pre-installed racks that can be removed. You should remove these racks to wipe off spilled food after each use. Leaving debris on these racks will cause them to burn the next time you use your oven, releasing smoke and a heavy smell in your home. The racks are often one of the dirtiest components of an oven, making it imperative that you clean them regularly.

2. Fully Clean Twice a Year

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You don't need to clean your oven deep after every cooking session. However, you should thoroughly scrub it clean at least twice a year or as grime accumulates. Unplug your oven or disable it by flipping the connected circuit breaker switch. This will keep the oven from electrocuting you or accidentally turning on during the process. Use a cloth to scrub the inside and outside using a distilled vinegar solution or specialized household cleaner.

3. Avoid Using Aluminum Foil

Many people line the inside of their ovens with aluminum foil to catch spills and splatters. This is a bad idea in convection ovens because foil blocks airflow and causes uneven heating. This can damage the inner components of your oven or ruin the meal you're cooking.