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3 Common Causes of AC Water Leaks

If you recently noticed water around your air conditioner that came from the appliance, learning the cause is critical. Interior water leaks are particularly problematic because they can easily result in property damage and mold growth. To help you identify your AC’s issue and schedule the right air conditioning repair service, review typical reasons for this common problem. 

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water? 

1. Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan underneath the appliance’s air handler or evaporator coils catches dripping condensation, then sends it through the drain line and away from your home. If this pan sustains corrosion from years of use or otherwise breaks, condensation leaks result. Drain pans can last 15 years or more before they start corroding and need replacing. If replacing this pan does not solve your water leak issue, consult the local air conditioning repair technicians. 

2. Clogged Drain Line

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Regarded as the most common cause of AC water leaks, drain line blockages occur if the part is not cleaned regularly. Dirt and debris in the moisture accumulating during dehumidification processes cause these clogs and the resulting leaks. If it has been some time since this line was cleaned last, try cleaning it with a long wire brush. Should water still not pass through the line, professional cleaning with a special vacuum or pump is probably necessary. 


3. Dirty Air Filter

An AC air filter clogged with dust, dirt, and debris causes several problems, including extra energy expenditures and higher utility bills, frozen evaporator coils, weak airflow, indoor air quality issues, and water leaks. The leaks occur because warm air does not pass through the air conditioner efficiently, which prevents the freon from absorbing this heat. As the resulting frozen evaporator coils unfreeze, water leaks from the appliance.